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IMG_6645, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Have you ever seen storage like this out front of a rowhouse? Don’t you think the items would get stolen?

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  • they could just be leaving their trash bins in there.

  • Yeah, it’s probably for trash and recycling. Wish some of my neighbors cared as much about their houses appearance!

  • That makes sense to me (the trash bit). It looks like the bins on the sidewalk. Otherwise, I’m not sure how they could get away with putting them there.

  • It looks like those actually extend into the sidewalk, that’s not great. Or maybe I just can’t tell from the picture. But the fact that they extend outside their front gate and the line of the stairs of the neighbors seems to indicate they are not in the front yard of the house, but on the sidewalk. That doesn’t seem like a good thing to me.

    Either way, it ain’t real pretty, to be honest. On streets where you have no alley trash pickup I’d rather the cans were tucked up as close to the house as possible.

  • fugly alert! fugly alert!

  • what is the best thing to do on streets where there is no alley pick-up? walk it around through the 3-foot wide easement? Leave ’em on your front porch? Put them in the Living room?

  • I’m with Jamie. Sidewalk encroachment is not OK.

  • Wonder if they even got a public space permit for that and if so, which moron down at DDOT let them have the public space permit?

  • It may not be in public space though (at least not more than by a couple of inches). That concrete pad it sits on looks like it might be part of the house lot.

  • me gusta

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