Can You Taste The Target?

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New sign went up that looks pretty good. I think I’m most excited about getting dozens of tube socks. What are you guys most looking forward to purchasing from Target?

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  • Red Vines. They are so much better than Twizzlers. I’m sooo excited!

  • I am excited about Target coming, especially for the jobs it will bring for area residents. As for what I like to buy, their own brand of household items like shampoo and cleaning products are good. The inexpensive clothes are decent as well as housewares. Even some of the furniture deserves a second look. It’s better here in Columbia Heights than all the way out off Rockville Pike.

  • Nothing at all. I’m sorry to see them here.

    Beside hating the design and hating the whole big-box idea, Target is on my boycott list for political reasons. They allow their pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions – specifically birth control prescriptions.

  • What I don’t get is why I don’t get the same uber hip and stylish feel of the TV ads when I actually go into a Target.. very strange – could it be: maybe everything on TV is not real after all..

    No matter – I am pumped. Finally some leisure browsing for (essentially) junk within 5 min from home!

  • Crew socks are better than tube socks, and I hope they have the ones with the stripes. It’s so hard to find them out here and not pay American Apparel prices.

  • I am excited about the new Target opening up (only a few Metro stops from me!), but at the same time I worry. New shopping centers bring mobs of rowdy kids hanging about. I don’t want to deal with that.

  • I am so happy to not have to drive up to MD or VA for Target type stuff.

    Plus it

    Plus it is close enough to be convention, but far enough to not mess with my parking ect

  • does isaac mizrahi still design for them? he would be one reason to stop in….

  • Just today I was complaining that I need to make a trip downtown to Borders, but once Target opens I’ll be able to find books, DVDs and music without leaving my neighborhood! Woohoo!

  • I second the Red Vines comment! Oh and also they have cheaper dog toys than Petsmart and since our dog annihilates them, that’s a good thing.

  • I’m thrilled the construction will be over and there will be 2 lanes open on 14th Street. It’s a great time to live in Clarendon, I mean, Columbia Heights!

  • I join mjbrox in lookng forward to never having to go to Virginia or Maryland again to shop!

  • I’m also sorry to see them here – within the next year we’re going to see many of the locally owned businesses go under, if for no other reason than the increased property value. I liked the neighborhood when it didn’t resemble a strip mall. I can live without tube socks outside my door.

    Also, Toby, jobs for locals may be good, but I’m a teacher, and already teens are missing school to go to interviews for those jobs at Target…

  • To Chris, Isaac Mizrahi will no longer be designing for Target since he has gone to “rescue” Liz Claiborne as head of their design operations.

  • I’m a teacher too and was hoping some of the Target jobs, especially part-time ones, would go to high school kids. Bell, Roosevelt, Cardozo are all nearby. Maybe the kids can get schedules built around their school day. Target is not an ideal store, but I prefer it over Walmart and similar stores for quality and selection.

  • I’m looking forward to having the option, and I like some of the things which Target does.

    I am not looking forward to the traffic. Getting past there now on the bus takes too long. Once it opens, I’ll only use 16th to commute and just walk down 14th to shop.

  • As is, I avoid 11th, 13th, and 14th completely. I prefer my commute downtown to begin with either 16th or Sherman.

  • I’m looking forward to the Target. I’ve never actually been to a Target, but we certainly saw an improvement to the basic shopping experience in DC when the Best Buy/Container Store in Tenley Town (on the H Bus!) and the BedBathBeyond down in China Town opened.

    I disagree with the fears about the potential impact on “local, independent business.” In recent months and years we’ve seen the addition of (off the top of my head) Red Rocks, 11th Street Deli, Red Derby, Sticky Fingers. In addition, we’ve got the new Giant (obvioulsy a big chain, but locally owned – for what that’s worth – and sorely, sorely needed). Then there’s the Heights at Logan (is that what they call it?) – again, part of a local chain, D’Vines is coming, we’ve been promised an Apizza place, there are probably a few examples I’m missing. (Oh – Mayorga – great spot!)

    So what, exactly, has closed so far? Maybe the old Waffle Shop place is missed by some, but for the most part, Park Rd and 14th above Park are unchanged – Checks cashed here places, dollar stores, some eclectic furniture places etc.

    There probably will be a bit of a “cull” and some of the places named above will close, and some will be replaced by national chains, but given that a few years ago the choices in the area were limited to greasy chicken, greasy chinese, or Pizza Hut style pizza – we’ve come a long way.

    Finally, I lived in Mt Pleasant around 99/2000 and people were worried back then about the effect of Target on the local businesses. I’m interested in how many people will really mourn the passing of the odd dollar store, coin laundry, handy-but-unhygenic grocerery stores etc. I’m convinved that the likes of Hellers, the better pupusarias, the cleaner of the grocery stores etc. will survive. However, with changing demographics and escalating property values, some of the grottier places will make room for someone with a bit more of an eye on the customer service side of things.

    I can’t help thinking that this is ultimately positive for the neighborhood, others may disagree…

  • Agree with Screamadelica. The effect of national chains on small local businesses is not as simple as one might assume. Some might close, some will have to revise their business model, but others will thrive. The relationship is not a straightforward one.

  • I also agree with Screamadelicia. Really what do small local businesses and Target really have in common. All Target will do is keep dollars in DC that previously were spent in MD and VA. Dare I say that folks without cars will be much happier with quality, discount goods right in DC and on the metro to boot.

    I have to say that the real gift will be having the traffic lanes back open.

  • I am happy I will never have to go to the Target at Prince George’s Plaza ever again. My favorite thing at Target is the bedding/bath stuff by Thomas O’Brien. My second favorite thing (and please don’t laugh at me) is the Martha Stewart Everyday bedding you can get at the secret Kmart off Riggs Road, bring on the high thread count at low prices 🙂 This Kmart is actually the closest discount box store to Petworth until the new Target opens. It was last renovated in maybe 1962 and is ridiculously hard to find…but now I have more sheet sets than any sane person has a right to have.

  • Screamadelica – Giant hasn’t been locally owned in more than 10 years, since they were bought by Royal Ahold.

  • I am exceedingly happy about not having to make a trek to VA to go to Target. Yeesss.
    My husband’s fav thing there is their special granola mix. No lie.

  • Try the various Archer Farms food products. Their potato chips rock.

    In some locals they have wine in a box which is decent.

    I easily lose and break sunglasses. When I am in Target I have a bad habit of picking up cheap but good looking sunglasses.

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