And I Have A Luxury Bridge to Sell You

IMG_6050, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What the hell is a luxury home? This particular home on 13th St. looks like it needs a lot of work. So because it is on a nice street it is a luxury home? I just don’t get it. Are people going to look at it just because it says luxury home? Or conversely would people not look at it if it was a mere home? Well, maybe if it has a pool on the roof I’ll let them slide…

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  • “Luxury (depending if you sink $200k into remodeling it) Home for Sale”

  • I feel like that home was on the market sometime in the Spring or the Summer at a very reasonable price (whoever owned it died). Apparently huge inside, but in deep disrepair. Someone snatched it up almost immediately, so I’m wondering if they did a quick flip job on the inside. I hope not. Those quick flip jobs can really mess up nice old houses.

  • you think this house needs work?! you have high standards PoP!

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