Home of the Clerks?

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I get it. Cardozo was a Supreme Court justice. But that has got to be the worst name for a mascot. Maybe the Fightin’ Clerks would be a bit better…

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  • It is kindof Washington-appropriate. How about the Bureaucrats? Suits?

  • hell, it’s more interesting than something lame like ‘bearcats’ or ‘tigers’ or ‘eagles’

  • I read a story in the Post a while ago about how all these new schools are going with these homogenous names because its easy to find sports apparel. So I have some fondness for something like the Cardozo Clerks or the Annandale (Va.) Atoms — let’s revel in them before everything goes the way of Panthers, Eagles, Tigers etc.

  • And something more worthy to aspire to than being just another sports-animal-star.. why do those damned animals like playing sports so much anyway?

  • Cardozo High School is named after Francis Cardozo, not Benjamin Cardozo. See link below:


    Of course, this makes the mascot name even more curious.

  • 37 *****!?!?!?!?!?

  • Although I personally have pride for my high school mascot, many other towns ridiculed it.
    We were the Skippers. As in, the skipper on a boat.

  • We were the Gators. And there were actually gators in the bayou near my house in Galveston County growing up. They ate a neighbor’s scotty dog.

  • Maybe it should be something more aspirational – like the ‘managers’. We are already comdemning the kids who go there with the name of their mascot?

  • every school i went to has had some sort of knight or warrior mascot.

  • Yep, we were the Obezags. If you’re not familiar with an Obezag, it is a Gazebo spelled backwords. And, yes, our mascot was a gazebo with white columns and a red roof. At some point a group students suggested changing it to the Spartans but that didn’t catch. People had become endeared to Obezags (me included).

  • At least Obezag sounds interesting…..my HS’s mascot was the Whirlie. Bizzare.

  • Maybe the worst name for a team, but that’s gotta be the best vista for a high school in this area. I recently moved onto 13th St and that’s my new favorite view of the city.

  • marvin gaye went to cardozo…. a mere stones throw from the expensive joint now bearing his name…

  • Scorpions (Go Scorps!)

  • Tulane has the Green Wave as their mascot. A reference to money?

  • “A reference to money?”

    Nah, I think it’s probably an allusion to the feeling you get when you first arrive in New Orleans and smell the stench of festering day-old vomit and frying beignets wafting through the air of the French Quarter. Good times.

  • Sveiks with an awesome movie reference…

    Well done, sir.

  • The Green Wave is ’cause Tulane colors are green and puke blue. They are really more like a the Green Trickle when it comes to football. There are plenty of weird college team names… the Akron Zips come to mind.

  • that wiki article says Francis Cardozo was the first African American to hold an administrative office in South Carolina.
    Perhaps he was an administrative clerk?

  • (still an odd mascot)

  • I went to McKinley Tech. Their teams are the Trainers. Comparatively speaking Clerks ain’t so bad.

    BTW–wasn’t Cardozo famous for a decades long losing streak in football?

  • Cardozo is NOT named after Benjamin Cardozo? I’ll be damned. I had no idea. Here’s more info:


    It’s a great place to watch fireworks on the Fourth — a manageable crowd and a beautiful view, until the wind turned and smoke started blowing in our direction.

  • The Clerks name comes from way back in the day (segregation) when becoming a clerk in the US Govt would have been an achievement for African Americans. Cardozo is in the building which used to be Central High (white school).

  • But what is a Clerk? How can you use that in cheers and chants? or even logos on spirite wear?

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