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This spot on Shepherd near Georgia was a “Care to Speculate” feature back in the day. Thanks to a reader for alerting me, we now have an answer. It is going to be a Nigerian restaurant. Sweet! I’ve never been to a Nigerian restaurant before, it’s a really big space so hopefully it will be really cool.

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  • I’m not going to lie, I was hoping it would be a resturant a bit more appealing to the masses, but I’ll give it a try.

  • Wow, this is incredibly exciting news. Given the fact that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, I had often wondered its cuisine was not more prevalent. Due to the country’s proximity to Cameroon, I imagine the cuisine will be somewhat similar, which I’ve had before and I love. Through a bit of preliminary research, I’ve already confirmed one delicious commonality — fried plantains!

    I hope it opens soon! I can’t wait to support it.

  • Anon [email protected]:41p – who are the ‘masses’ that you think of? The Nigerian and West African population in the DC region is quite large, and that cuisine is enjoyed by many other racial and ethnic groups as well.

  • I think he means that Nigerian kitchen is not one of the best known cuisines in the world. What would appeal to even bigger masses would be italian, french, chinese, thai etc. I think that was his point.

  • The masses can go eat at a chain restaurant in Columbia Heights. For more unique food, let them come to Petworth.

    Besides, aren’t we drowning in enough bulletproof Chinese options already?

  • Thai was a niche cuisine for a long while as well. ‘The masses’ (I’m assuming that’s we’re speaking of white Americans) would pick up new cuisine as more options in that cuisine become available.

    I would also appreciate *real* Chinese. Takeout Chinese is not Chinese food.

  • I’m super excited about getting some good jollof rice and egusi. Sorry anon, but I don’t see why Nigerian food is any less appealing than any other cuisine.

  • I was excited to see this – it would be great for Petworth to be a spot where you can get different types of ethnic restaurants that are priced out of downtown DC by high rents. I haven’t had much Nigerian food before, but love Cameroonian, Ghanaian and Senegalese food. There are so many great inexpensive ethnic restaurants in the DC suburbs (especially Vietnamese food in Arlington, but also Thai, Korean, Indian, plus real Chinese food that would put the Chinese/Sub/Pizza carryout places here to shame). I noticed recently that there is an Ethiopian market and restaurant at 14th & Shepherd – has anyone tried it? A couple weeks ago I ate at Taqueria Distrito Federal (also on 14th) and it was fantastic. The more places like this the better!

  • Susan – you should go try Kenyan food – Safari DC, on Georgia, west side of the street, just above Kansas.

  • Perplexed, ah yes, CH, the epicenter of all things evil, including The Masses.

  • thank you GforGood – that was all i meant.

  • If the food is good then that would be worth it, but I’ve found plenty of cuisines that don’t hold up to repeated visits. I haven’t wanted to have Ethiopian food in 10 years. I ate so much in the 1980s and then, you know, nothing new under the sun. Ditto with Pho- I just haven’t seen the variety. If Nigerian food isn’t all yams then I’m cool with it.

  • DCer–

    If you haven’t eaten Ethiopian since the 80s you are really missing out. There are some amazing new Ethiopian places in DC that are far better than what we could get back then. Besides–did you stop eating hamburgers because they haven’t changed in 20 years? I don’t get it. You only eat food that is new?

  • Besides–did you stop eating hamburgers because they haven’t changed in 20 years? I don’t get it. You only eat food that is new?

    Yes, I get bored of food easily. I stopped eating hamburgers around 1995-ish, but I’ve had a few veggie burgers since then. I’m a vegetarian, if that explains the hamburgers, but even the veggie burgers are topped differently every time. Life’s too short and all that to have the same food twice if you have the power to change it.

    I may reconsider the Ethiopian if someone can send me a list of restaurants, because I’ll check the menus for something new.

    But also, people praised that Algerian place on 11th st to the gills and it’s absolute crap. There are 22 yr olds who never had, you know, good chinese food before who suddenly discover this whole new world that I’ve been through when I was 22.

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