This Is Either the Best or the Worst

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Have you ever noticed that there is a bus that comes to 11th Street in Columbia Heights and goes straight to AC? I kind of feel like that is awesome. But then I have visions of the elderly sitting behind slot machines and losing lots of dough…

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  • Well, call Voncie and find out.
    You didn’t ask the more pressing question, “Why is a grocery store the organizer of an AC bus?” Maybe they’re the providers of the free food referenced in the banner. A much PoP-hated temporary banner I might add.

  • This is actually quite common. Where I am from (Long Island) we actually had a local store that sponsored bus trips to AC all the time. Anyone can put together a bus trip to AC. From what I heard, this person/store has done this for years! It becomes a quarterly “get-together” for several neighbors/friends.

  • Our elderly neighbors asked Lil’ Gal if we wanted to go with them to AC. Lil’ Gal doesn’t know how to play cards though.

  • this is my aunt’s grocery store and she’s done it for years.

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