Petworth Selected a Hot Zone by Washington Post’s Express

ExpressHotZones, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a number of readers for sending me the link.  Read the article here.

A taste:
“This Northwest D.C. neighborhood’s increasing residential and retail projects are sparking renewed interest among home-buyers. Multi-story loft and condo buildings are being built within walking distance of the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station, making the area much more enticing for young professionals.”

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  • and so it begins…

  • That’ll show Al Sharpton there are consequences to campaigning on Georgia Avenue in 2000 when all the other candidates decided to skip out on our early presidential primary!

  • I know this will not be a popular response, but prices need to come down in PW before it becomes a “hot zone” in this market. IMHO, it is still far too transitional to support the 500-700K price range that would make it attractive to people looking to live in DC vs. MD. The tighter requirements & higher rates on jumbo loans make it even more difficult, as you either have to have a couple 100K in cash or buy a condo to avoid jumbo loans.

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