Now That’s Some Individuality

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Personally, I love the unique homes. A splash of color adds some nice flavor to the neighborhood.

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  • i love that house… it really pricey to get a home painted like that? with all the different colors? i have a condo, but im just curious.

  • where exactly is this? i’d like to bike up there and take a look in person.

  • It’s on Monroe St. just west of the Tivoli between 14th and 16th St.

  • I love that house!

  • SO much cooler than a third-floor bump up or aluminum siding!!

  • I wish more people would be brave enough to paint and decorate out-or-the-norm. This town could use a facelift. I think the row after row of brick and white row house is boring.

  • POP paint your house!

  • Agreed, the paint jobs are good.

    But folks, painting brick is just not a good idea. get creative with the trim and the interiors, but don’t ruin perfectly good houses by painting brick. You’re just creating an upkeep nightmare.

  • sfw, I think you’re wrong – it’s not bad to paint brick. Anyone who’s interested, google “painting brick” – you’ll get all the tips on how to do it right so it’s not in fact a maintenance nightmare. If well done, it’ll last at least 10 years. I had my house painted a beautiful, elegant dark gray with pristine white trim and it looks gorgeous. Have the house power-washed and use a thin coat of good quality primer and then a coat of good quality exterior paint. Total cost for me was power washing $350 (the going rate – I checked around), painting house front and all trim $1500. (Quotes you’ll likely get will range from $1200 to $2500. I went with a self-employed guy who did it on weekends.) I love the idea of Petworth being filled with different colored houses – seems appropriate to our diverse neighborhood!

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