Consider Me Converted To Moroni & Brothers Pizza

Moroni Pizza, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So after a number of emails from readers I returned to Moroni & Brothers for pizza this weekend. Moroni & Brothers is located at 4811 Georgia Ave. NW. I think it is very telling that the owner (perhaps one of the nicest people in the business) has written to Petworth News to ask the community for suggestions on improvements. And I’d have to agree with most commenters – the pizza needs no improvement. The crust really is exceptional.  I officially and publicly shall concur that the pizza is superior to Red Rocks. But I still feel that Red Rocks has a superior dining area and of course outdoor patio.  Thankfully, I think there is room for both pizza joints.   I have no doubt that Moroni & Brothers pizza will become a Petworth institution in no time.

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  • That is one good looking pizza (what New Yorkers call a pie). Even this early in the morning.

  • do they deliver?

  • Its worth mentioning that not only are the pizzas great (they are), but the pupusas are top-notch as well.

  • PoP, welcome to the fan club! I love their pies! One suggestion would be to make a larger large pie, i.e. 18″ vs. 12″ that way I get more left overs. Haven’t attempted the delivery, but I thought I remember them saying that was something they were going to have eventually. Definitely a suggestion for the owner. I agree that the owner is super nice.

  • Yep, their pizza is awesome. But I do think Red Rocks’ pizza is awesome too. Just two different takes on awesome. 🙂

    I have to try more of their mexican fare, but the ones I’ve tried have been very good too!

    And as of now they don’t deliver. I asked maybe a month ago and they said they were planning to start it if they find a good reliable driver. Not sure if the plan was put on hold or if they are just still looking.

  • The BEST pizza and service anywhere in the area. The folks who own it are truly nice people and care about their product.

  • Moroni Brothers doesn’t have a permit to deliver, although they want to. The owner told me he had to choose between getting a liquor license and being able to deliver…I’m not sure why or whether this was a limitation imposed by the city, but plenty of other restaurants can do both. I would really like to see if there’s a way we can help them be able to deliver since our other options are so dismal.

  • I wish they delivered too but until that happens, they are worth the drive.

  • I officially and publicly shall concur that the pizza is superior to Red Rocks. But I still feel that Red Rocks has a superior dining area and of course outdoor patio.

    Really good pizza places never have a nice dining area. Somehow the lack of ambience makes it taste better.

  • I have to say we got a pie there a couple weeks ago on a friday but found it to be horrible. too much cheese and grease on a much much much to thin crust. ill give them the benefit of the doubt and try once more, but was expected much better. i was VERY disappointed in the pie. and it was tiny and cost $15 bucks. vace pies are uniformly excellent and are $10

  • They should have pick up then. In Chicago, Dues (the sit down restaurant to Unos the bar) has a great service where you can call in — well actually, you ALWAYS call in pizza before you go to eat pizza in Chicago. it’s just what you do — but you can stipulate whether you are going to eat in or carry out. they also have premade pies that you can bring home and each box has directions on it for how to reheat. I don’t need to have it delivered. But I’d love to pick up!

  • Well, you can certainly call your order in ahead of time to pick it up.

    Anynomous: “too thin crust”?!?!?! What? A crust can hardly ever be too thin, and its certainly not too thin in M&B!

  • Anonymous 4:10 – Do you work at Red Rocks??/ lol

  • He or she probably doesn’t work for Red Rocks since he or she actually compares Maroni pizza to Vace pizza.

  • Red Rocks and Moroni and Bros kind of seem like apples and oranges to me. Basic ingredients might be on the same path, but they’re different enough to be two totally different dining/eating experiences. Alas, I have room in my appetite for both!

  • They do have pick up. If you call and place your order, it is usually ready in about 10 mins. They have to go menus by the door too.

  • Based on these recommendations I tried their pizza. Cute place, nice people but as I picked up my pizza box off the counter a sizeable roach scurried away. I am willing to deal with many “problems” at restaurants if the food is good, but I don’t know if I’ll return. Maybe someone who is friends with the owner can pass on that roaches are gross. He needs to make sure that they never appear in the dining room (and preferably not even behind the scenes). I didn’t say anything and ate the pizza anyway- I was pretty sure it wasn’t in the box. The pizza was great (probably top three in DC that I’ve tried) but like I said- I don’t know if I’ll return.

  • Well, why did you not mention the roach? See a problem, raise it, it will be best dealt with that way.

    Glad to hear you too liked the pizza though.

  • I went there tonight, Sunday. Last night I was at Red Rocks. I think that the pizza is definitely quality, but Red Rocks has a much nicer dining feel. I might prefer Moroni’s for lunch, but for a dinner date or a place to go on a weekend evening with friends, I’d have to go with red rocks. The beer is a bit pricey there, but how can you really compare the two when Moroni’s doesn’t have a liquor license yet? I do think that this place will continue to do well, they’ve only been open for 2 months!

  • well GforGood i gree with you about the great pizza i been there with my family & never seen no type of roachs !! love the food great team work & this moroni & brothers it been my 1st time eating at a Hispanic restrarent & it’s great i love it & trust me you”ll goin to be seeing me there more often !!! & if i am not wrong the owners Restararent are Dennis & Riena have done a great job !!! & people don’t pay attention on the roachs comments just because there some comments doesn’t mean i am stop goin !!! about roachs doesn”t mean i am not going back i am always go there !! & you know what i am about to down there right now i am just getting hungry i want some of there great pizza !!

  • I shared a pie from Maroni & Brothers last week and felt ill the next day after eating it. That was bad enough, but aside from that, I can’t really believe the outpouring of positive comments for this place. I am a resident of Petworth, and I know we all love it when a new business comes into the area and try to be enthusiastic and positive, but really …. this is certainly not a destination for pizza nor a good pie at that. The sauce tasted like it was straight out of a can, bland and flavorless. Not good pizza by any stretch.

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  • Bad Morni Pie, I guess its a matter of taste. What are your favorite pizzerias around?

  • The pizza is awesome – how can you go wrong when the owners were trained-up at Pizza Paradiso. I have been about 4 times now and have never been disappointed. We walked a gaggle of 11 year olds there for my daughter’s birthday and the girls were treated like queens – they even comped us a pizza-sized flan for the girls to share.

    I would suggest a little ambience upgrade – better art, table clothes, candles. The liquor license is coming soon – I believe late November. Although the latino food is good, I am fearful that they might turn into the pizza-sub-chicken-seafood-latin place (as opposed to the pizza-sub-chicken-seafood-chinese place) and not be differentiated from the other store-front places on Georgia. I’d like to see them step it up to the next level of dining because I think that the pizza is right on and the family/service is so great.

  • Table cloths? are you kidding me? They are amazingly expensive. I think most restaurants pay almost $4 each per day… Then they have to be washed. It really is an unnecessary expense. I had dinner there on Monday night. I didn’t even notice the art on the walls or not. I was watching that cool wood burning stove. They need to be open for a while and pay the bills before they start buying art work.

  • Moroni and Brother’s just got their Liquor License! They have some Italian wines and some quality Salvadorian beer amongst the usual Heineken and such.

  • im visting D.C from N.Y for the holidays and i went to M&B and WOW…. i think with that i say it all…. great pizza…… i must say the best ive had in a while….. you guys are lucky to have a good pizza close… im going to have to come more offten to D.C… i heard they have about a year open now… if u havent checkeit out.. u must its a sin if u dont… just kidding….. enjoy everyone

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