Some More Love For My People Up In North Country

IMG_4344, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is, what looks like from the outside, a fantastic renovation up north on Georgia Ave.

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  • Thanks for all the attention PoP… we love being included in all the south Petworth fun! People should look a little north of Upshur when looking for rowhomes and condos… the prices are better the further north you go. Missouri and Georgia is only 1.5 miles from the Petworth metro 🙂 It’s not so crowded up here…

  • That’s fine Anon, but Missouri and Georgia is Brightwood, not Petworth. (A fine neighborhood indeed, with a great deal of history, but, Brightwood.)

  • What are you considering the northern border of Petworth? Kennedy St.? I live on Jefferson and and consider myself in Petworth but I’ve seen maps that have me in Petworh, Brightwood, and Brightwood Park.

  • Somewhere around Kennedy. I would probably put it a few blocks south of there, but right in that general neighborhood.

  • damn i’m on longfellow…where do i stand?!!

    brightwood will soon be the cool place to be too 😉

    crossing my fingers.

  • Brightwood will soon be a cool place to be – you’re almost certainly getting a heritage trail next year.

  • It’s BEAUTIFUL on the outside, and most of the inside as well, but some of the renovations could have been done with a little more care.

  • I thought Missouri was the Petworth end line…

  • We saw some really nice places in Brightwood when were were looking, with really professional interior redos with fireplaces on two floors and finished attics, but the exteriors on rowhouses from the 40’s and 50’s aren’t as appealing to me as the earlier style… and that later style lacks a front porch. This (older) place is very nice though.

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