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The fantastic blog Metrocurean reports that a wine bar will be opening up in the place of the coffee shop Sparky’s on 14th St. So, is this good news or bad news? What were your thoughts on Sparky’s? What the hell is a wine bar anyway? I’ve always been preferential to proper bars. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m siked for a wine store like D’vines to open but a wine bar…

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  • Sparky’s needs to move to 11th street!

  • Is this the wine bar that the people who had written on PoP before were going to open–or competitive wine barring? I LOVED sparky’s… so am very sad.

    Oh, PoP–not to be a jerk, but it’s “psyched”! Unless you’re adopting a new word to match ‘stoopin’ 🙂

  • yeah. that’s really the most awful example of second tier gentrification that i can imagine. sparky’s was the best. nice staff. good place to hang out. cute customers. all around the perfect vibe. this is sad.

  • I read in the Dupont Current that it’s going to be a neighborhood place — not high brow at all. Think the area could use some affordable places to eat 2-3 times a week.

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