It’s not like it’s Starbucks or anything

Can someone please explain this to me. There is a fantastic drycleaner, Georgetown Valet, on Park Road across from the Giant. Now, I see there is another Georgetown Valet slated to open on 14th St. right around the corner from the Park Road location. Please explain to me the purpose of this. Maybe they are trying to corner the “I’m too lazy to walk around the corner” market?

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  • Given the number of new young professional residents with moving into the area, the market can probably handle two dry clearners. It’s like when Starbucks opens up stores within blocks of each other. Plus, one dry cleaner may not have the cleaning plant on location…but their store across the street might.

  • got you again..nice legs….

  • there’s another dry cleaners right next to Georgetown Valet, so that’s three dry cleaners within a block from eachother. I don’t get.

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