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Are you familiar with the urban legend Flash Your Headlights and Die? Well, I don’t know if it is just me but lately I’ve seen a number of cars driving without their headlights on 14th St, New Hampshire Ave, and other side streets. I can’t believe that there are that many absentminded folks out there. Do you think there is a criminal element involved in driving without headlights? Have you also seen folks driving without headlights? What do you do – flash your head lights? Honk? I didn’t do a damn thing because I’m too young to die…

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  • I’m too hip to drive. 🙂

  • I drive without headlights all the time. Not proud of that fact, but I am absent minded. I wonder if people get scared when they see me toodle by (so very very unlikely I just have to laugh!)

  • Are you serious? PoP has reached all new depths of pussydom.

  • Ashamed to admit, but I’ve forgotten to put my headlights on before. I think it’s because in the city you don’t need lights in a lot of places.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t worry about the urban myth, there PoP. You’ve been watching too many bad, late-90s, teen, horror movies.

  • Oh great, just what I needed to hear on a Friday: one more reason I’m gonna die!!! I flash people when their lights aren’t on sometimes. So now, in addition to the lead in my barbie dolls (umm, that is, if I played with dolls) and the chemicals in my water and the salmonella in my spinach and the bullets flying around Girard St. and the kids throwing bottle rockets at cars…. now I’m gonna be shot down by gangsters because I’m trying to politely inform them their lights are off? Thanks POP, now I’m going to go crawl under a rock and hide all weekend long. 🙂

  • i have seen lots and lots of bad drivers here, especially taxis, but i have not seen drivers w/out their headlights on. note, i see lots of ‘bad’ pedestrians, too. this morning a guy ran across K Street in front of traffic during rush hour. he nearly got hit.

  • Yeah Prince… can google that one and see it on “” and “”

    Now pass this information on to six of your closest friends within ten minutes or a virus will invade through your website and abduct your cat.

  • I forget to turn my headlights on all the time. Especially if I’m parked on the street. The street lights pretty much negate the need for headlights. Though I usually figure it out by glancing down and realizing that the dashboard is black. Since I’m kind of a dingbat about it I will flash my lights at others. Not heard the flash your lights and die thing though. Hmm…

  • According to Snopes, no truth to the urban legend. Probably just bad drivers. Speaking of bad drivers though, I almost got plowed over by a 66 bus trying to cross from Grant Circle the other day. It zoomed by so fast I couldn’t even get the bus number to report it. I feel like I risk my life everytime I enter that crosswalk.

  • when i’m riding my bike, and i come across a car without the headlights on, i usually wave my hands like crazy and try to make some kind of motion towards the front of the car. i don’t think it’s ever worked…. 🙁

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