Washington, DC

Thanks to a reader for sending me this tidbit about the namesake of Upshur St. Let us learn from our mistakes lest we repeat them…

“Upshur St. is named after Sec of State Upshur, who was
tragically killed along with the Sec of the Navy and
other dignitaries when they went with Pres Grant or
Taylor (can’t remember) to see the USS Princeton,
which had some new cannon everyone was very excited
about. They had this big party on the ship, and the
whole Cabinet went, and everyone had a grand time.
Then after the party was over, the Sec of the Navy
(who was very taken with the cannon) asked for it to
be shot one more time. It exploded, and killed him,
Sec of State Upshur, and ten or eleven other people.
The whole city closed in mourning for a few days, and
that’s how Upshur st got it’s name.”


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