Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema Gives Red Rocks a Great Review!

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A sample:”The focus is pizza, but you don’t have to eat crust to fuel up here. The kitchen also makes bruschetti, panini, salads and a handful of main courses, including a roast fish of the day and golf ball-size meatballs served on runny polenta. And the bar pours refreshing chasers in the form of Chimay Triple and Allagash White beers on tap — among RedRocks’ 30 or so available suds.”

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  • Note – this is not his full review. Those generally don’t happen until a place has been open a few months. This is from a column called “First Bites” that highlights new places.

  • Am I the only one who wasn’t overwhelmed by Redrocks pizza? Reading the columbiaheightsnews blog, you’d think it’s the best pizza to ever hit the planet. I finally tried it out last week. I ordered the margherita pizza, and I was sorely disappointed that each slice had one little ball of cheese, leaving 70% of the pizza just bread. If cheese and sauce are the only two toppings, how can you not put enough cheese to cover the pizza? I’ll go back though, as I do like the venue, I like to support local business, and maybe the salads will be better.

  • yes, you are the only one on the planet who is not overwhelmed by Redrocks. The pizza is fanatastic, the beer selection ample and the service friendly. I’d rather have them in the neighborhood than some awful chain restaurant or another Starbucks. Support our local businesses!

  • of course, this is all opinion, but i think it’s getting such great press because of where it is…we all go there because our in-neighborhood options are limited…i personally like it a lot…nice atmosphere, good beer on tap, the pizza is pretty good, but i don’t think it’s as good as 2amy’s or pizzeria p, at least not yet…and if it weren’t in a neighborhood starving for such options, i bet people wouldn’t be singing it’s praises like they are…that said, thank god mr. o’brien brought it to ch

  • I personally think it has some of the best pizza in DC. Period. Have (sadly) not ever tried 2 Amy’s though. Have to correct that gap as ap…

    Anonymous: if you want pizza covered in a lot of cheese, there are plenty of options in DC. If one wants pizza that is not covered in excessive tomato sauce and cheese, the options are a lot more limited. 🙂 😉

  • Redrocks has very good pizza, not the best but pretty darn close. Been to 2amys, it was good not great. Best pizza in town – Vace on Connecticut ave in Cleveland park (take-out only). Best to walk to a pizza joint with good pizza, good beer & good service – redrocks rocks.

  • Anon: You are not the only one underwhelmed. I found their pizza unimpressive when I picked up two pies a week or so ago. I’m going to give them another shot since anyone can have an off night, but expectations for eateries in DC are pretty low in general IMHO.

  • I like their pizza, but then again I like a thin, salty pie with almost burned crust. Here’s a closeup picture of their Margherita pizza, maybe that will help describe it better:


  • I can’t wait to check it out. Mr. T — your taste in pizza sounds similar to mine, and the photo looks delicious.

    Although its reviews are mixed, I’ve enjoyed the pizzas I’ve had at Comet Pizza and Ping Pong (slightly burnt, crispy crust… yum). That said, Coppi’s is my fave, with Matchbox a close second.

  • While I did like the pizza when I went, and I’ll probably go back at some point again, I must say the portions are too small in my opinion.

    That $10 “pie” is really literally like 1.5 slices of a real NY/NJ thin crust pie if bought by the slice.

  • i thought the bruschetta was better than the pizza when i went to red rocks…it was good overall though. i still think that 2 amys and MATCHBOX in chinatown are better!

    as far as the CH neighborhood pizza places…red rocks def works for me.

  • Ok, now I’m really confused. Mr. T, my margherita pizza looked NOTHING like yours. (I’m the original “anon” poster). For those of you who implied I’m an idiot for wanting cheese all over my pizza, I do know what a good pizza is. Looking at Mr. T’s picture, there is 5 times more cheese on his than I received. I swear, my pizza was 70% bread, a little dab of cheese. Maybe they just completely screwed up my order? But if that’s the case, that worries me as well. How could they FORGET to put cheese on my pizza?

  • Anonymous Dude…I’m totally with you on the margherita pizza issue. Mine was good, but they were way skimpy on the cheese. Mine didn’t look like the picture, either. That, combined with the server on his first night on the job, half the beers not being available, the place being out of “sweets”, and the vapid girl at the next table who would not shut up, well, it made for an underwhelming experience. That said, I’ll probably head back in the spirit of supporting my neighborhood.

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