Reason #96 I love our neighborhood

How is possible to live right in the middle of the city and sit outside on your porch and listen to the crickets? How is that possible? To make things even better, a neighbor across the street came out to sit on his porch and listen to the baseball game on his radio. I swear sometimes I feel like I can understand people reminiscing about the 50s. Sitting on the porch, drinking a beer, listening to a baseball game and with the crickets chirping in the background. And there aren’t even any mosquitoes tonight!

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  • My wife and I regularly listen to the games on the radio. If you can’t get to the ballpark, it’s the best way to take in baseball.

  • My roomates and I love Stoopin’ on the Porch. Yes, that’s Stoopin’… as in hanging out on the Stoop.

    Chilling on NH Ave, watching the nightly activity – be it the cars, the people, the sirens…whatever passes in front of us, adds to the richness of Stoopin’.

    Time to grab a radio and listen to the game.

  • It was too hot, and all the neighbors went indoors. But the temp has dropped a little and I think we’ll be back out again soon

  • Apparently the homeless man who has made our stoop his new home feels the same way! He enjoys it too.

    Ok, it’s not a private stoop. It’s a small condo building, but he seems to have moved into our stoop, stores his personal things there and all. Not sure if he listened to the baseball game though.

    One day I’ll be able to afford my own stoop, and I will make sure to be “stoopin'” as often as possible.

  • Holy cow. His stuff is there? Brutal. Although maybe he is a good conversationalist…

  • Baseball was meant to be enjoyed on the radio. So many good summer memories there. Now, if DC could only get a decent team to listen to, life would be perfect…

  • Mr 14&U – I’m sorry, but the only possible response is…

    “You gotta have heart. Miles and miles and miles of heart…”

    Now, go watch Damn Yankees.

  • peace to what mike said… stoopin’ be were its at. i’ve seen some pretty crazy things go down but generally its peaceful. u never know what to expect but usually nothin too out of the ordinary..

    and actually,
    time to grab the portable turntable

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