It’s Come to This…

Sweet Bathroom Reno, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well, this is the one room in my house I’ve had renovated. As I haven’t got my new camera yet, all there is, is this small photo from my phone. This is what you guys have forced me to do. Send more renovation photos please! I of course didn’t redo the bathroom on my own. The contractor convinced me to spend $1000 bucks more for a whirlpool bath which I have used all of once. And then I had to take a shower. Anyway, send more renovation photos or I’ll be forced to show you my kitchen…

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  • Thank you! I was just explaining to a friend that I like to shower after a bath, and she thought I was an absolute freak. Good to know I’m not alone in that. . .

    Tangent aside, nice tile POP.

  • i also shower after my bath…i’d feel like i still have soap all over otherwise. or is that the point of baths….show us the kitchen!

  • oh come on, show us the kitchen floor!!!

  • Where is shower then?
    Do you have separate shower? If not is the shower head is other side of the bathtub?

  • It is me again.

    Be care full with the ceramic knobs.
    Since most of them imported from China, they have quality issue.
    One of my friend was closing the faucet knob, which had ceramic knobs. Unfortunately, the faucet dripping so he put a lot of force to close the knob. The ceramic knob broke in pieces hit his finger metal part of the knob almost splitting his finger in two with deep cut in tendon.

    I promised myself I will never will have a faucet that has ceramic knob, especially a one made in China.

  • I dig the tile!! And I like how the toilet is enclosed by blue tile walls, sort of like a throne. What did the bathroom look like before??

  • wow…. I would love to see before and after too! more pictures please! Could you have a contest for the worst “before” angles?

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