Bloomingdale’s Farmers Market

Holy cow is this awesome. I am so jealous. Yes it is small. But as a start, this market is fantastic. Why don’t we have one? Is Bloomingdale better than us? Better organized than us? Do we want our own farmers market or is the one on U Street close enough? I know the owner of Domku put out feelers a few months back about getting a Market in Petworth, so what ever happened with that? I am so jealous.

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  • : )

    we’ve got no temperance hall though……

  • From what I understand, a farmers market is slated for the small park area at Upshur and Georgia Ave as part of the Great Street Initiative on Georgia Ave for next year.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • We used to have one on Upshur street (i think?, its been a few years), but the market lost access to the space.

    I walk down to Mt. Pleasant every weekend and take the bus back up.

  • Another Farmer’s Market just took off at 14th & U Street NW, in front of the Reeves Center. I think local groups or businesses support it. Maybe that is what one needs to get one of the ground in one’s neighborhood?

  • and to answer your question, prince, we are better than you. nyah, nyah!


  • Hey PoP, why not be the impetus and start a farmers market in Petworth! New stores and markets don’t start themselves. Talk to Muriel B., find a plot of ground you think would be a good spot and talk to the owner, talk to some shops that you see at other markets and get the ball rolling.

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