A PoP Update

Lots of great changes are on the rise here at PoP. I’m currently in talks with a web developer to really spruce up the site. And I’m making T-Shirts. But these T-shirts won’t be for sale. They will be free to our loyal readers. I’m going to hook up my favorite and most active commentors. So if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on the t-shirt let me know now plus let me know if there are any new features you’d like to see on the site. And I’m going to get a new camera so my photos can actually be identifiable. So that is why I have added advertisements to the site. I want to supplement the out of pocket costs for these new developments. So support the sponsors by clicking on an ad! If you find the ads really obnoxious let me know that as well. I really do appreciate any feedback you may have on how you’d like to see the site develop.

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  • Love the idea!

    Make sure to have your logo…i love that little frog!

  • How about a picture of a weeping Yankees fan? 😉

  • That’s great news. I think you should do a “Where’s the PoP?”
    theme. On the back of the shirt, have cartoonish pictures of your common haunts with the frog from the logo sitting in the window at Temp Hall or something like that. Just a thought.

  • There’s really no question as to what should be on the t-shirt, PoP: The patented Prince of Petworth frog.

  • i vote for the frog too! and maybe in the back of the shirt towards the collar write “petworth” in small caps with the dc logo.

  • Now the question…what color should the shirt be? White? Gray? Black? Neon yellow?

  • Personally, Im not a fan of black t-shirts…For some reason, when I think Petworth, i think green…perhaps it’s the many trees we are lucky to have in the area as compared to other parts of DC. My vote is white or/ and green

  • only problem with green is that the frog is green. could go with a vibrant blue

  • great, that means i have to stop ‘lurking’ to get a tshirt!

    having said that, i do think the idea is pretty cool!

    the frog is a given.

    maybe put a crown on the back of the shirt, with a ‘pick yer crap off the sidewalk’ underneath. ;o)

  • “I Post on Prince Of Petworth and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

  • Along with the frog you should think about a map that shows the parameters of your royal land. I want to make one for my beloved Truxton Circle. Keep it simple for now.

  • hey PoP, a t-shirt tip about the shirt, not what goes on it – use T’s from American Apparel, they are good quality. You can order them in bulk/wholesale. Those are the same shirts that Threadless uses (check out those cool designs for some insiration. maybe you can have a design contest…). And most importantly, you need women’s t’s too because we stopped wearing giant men’s tshirts in 1989. can’t wait to see them!

  • I knew I should have gotten a blog id instead of blogging as anonymous!

  • You dont want to advertise any businesses on your shirt. Let them get their own shirts, and you give them enough free advertising with the online posts.

    The frog and some writing on the front of a white t-shirt. Keep it simple, PoP.

  • I’d sport a PoP shirt the next time I’m on TV. But before then, all I can say is get a real phone.

  • Awesome comments. Thanks. My favorite I think is Christina’s but I will go with some version of the frog. I hope to have them good to go in a month or so. So stay tuned.

  • aw, man, you’re selling out!

    seriously though, it sounds like this blog thing is working out pretty well for you! guess we’ll just have to work harder down in bloomingdale to get this kind of love.

    and make the shirts tan/beige. i think it’d go great with the frog.

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