A Good Dry Cleaner!

After 5 years of living in Petworth I have finally found an excellent dry cleaner…in Columbia Heights. The Georgetown Valet Dry Cleaner right across the street from the Giant on Park Road was a delight. They even got a stain out that was set like three years ago. So if you are going grocery shopping at the Giant anyway, I’d recommend giving them a try. The staff was courteous and the cleaning was top notch and the price was right. There were no arguments, no staring contests, in fact there was no grumbling at all, it was a pure delight, exactly what going to a dry cleaner should be like…hassle free.

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  • How about a good tailor? I have a suit that needs alterations and I don’t want to trust it to just anyone. (Thankfully I wear jeans to work, so I never need a dry cleaner.)

  • I have a great Tailor in Cleveland Park. I forget the name but it is on Connecticut Ave. right near the movie theater on the same side of the street. They are fantastic.

  • Hello everyone. I will be moving to PW at the end of the summer. I picked PW because of the large nice houses and small but nice backyard space. The neighborhood where I will be living seems fairly safe.

    I know that most of the shops are in CH, but where do you guys go to in PW? What gyms to you use? What grocery store do you use? How is the Public Library?

    If you live far from the Metro, do most people drive downtown or take the bus to the Metro. Are the buses reliable?

    Thank you.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood Lisa! I don’t know about gyms but there is a Yoga studio that I’m featuring later tonight located on Georgia and Princeton above Temperance Hall. Temperance Hall is the best bar in town. Giant grocery store on Park Road and 14th is great. The public library is pretty good, I’ll be featuring it next week. I take the metro downtown but a lot of folks bike, bus, and/or drive. I’ll let some other folks fill in the gaps.

  • Thanks PoP. I think I know exactly who you mean. And I’ve wondered about them…

  • Thank you Prince of Petworth. I have learned many things about Petworth through your posts.

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