MPD Out in Full Force Tonight

So walking home from the metro tonight I encountered two of the dumbest or luckiest guys I’ve ever seen. For some reason MPD is out in full force at the big apartment building just north of the metro. I took a picture but I’m not publishing it because I think the cops may have been undercover. At any rate, MPD was arresting some guy when two bikers fly past screaming “F*** You Cop!”. I thought that was not very prudent. Then as one of the bikers gets a block past he turns around and screams “come and get me motherF******!” Then they take off. Well, the cops were having none of it and got into their unmarked car flying up New Hampshire. I thought, these guys were toast. They being on bikes an all. Well, I continue my walk home and two blocks later the very same bikers casually pass me on New Hampshire. The bikers were bragging about not getting caught and the last word I heard was “they don’t know who they are f****** with.” So what’s the expression, it is better to be lucky than good? It did not instill a lot of confidence in MPD though as these guys were cruising very slowly up New Hampshire at that point. But I don’t like to judge…

One Comment

  • When censoring the f-word, you should use something a bit more fun such as ‘smurfing.’ For example, “man they don’t know who they smurfing with!” Moreover, the asterisks just draw the eye directly to that word, defeating the original attempt to not use the profanity.

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