Friday questions of the day

Recently I was at a dinner when an interesting topic came up: where is the north south dividing line of Petworth? Does Petworth end at Kennedy or Missouri? Is there a North-South Petworth rivalry?

A pretty common response was that the north-south divide exist at Grant Circle. Or perhaps north Petworth begins at the begining of 3 sylable streets ie Allison Street.

Well, I’m not sure of the answers but if there is a north-south Petworth rivalry I’d have to say South Petworth kicks ass!

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  • There is no rivalry. Why must there be one? Petworth is Petworth – North or South!

  • I know, you are right. I just thought it would make for some lively Friday banter. And people were discussing it at a dinner party. But you are right Petworthians must stick together!

  • South Side all the way, yeah yeah

  • South Side!!! Yeah Yeah!

  • That naturally brings up the question of the southern edge of petworth- Otis, Morton, how low does it go?

  • South Petworth is already too yuppified. North Petworth is keepin’ it real, yo.

  • i’m not sure of the exact line, but i’ve always thought that brightwood park starts somewhere south of kennedy. petworth surely doesn’t go that far north, no matter how the district asserts neighborhoods for tax purposes. we have this debate often down here in eckington/bloomingdale/ledroit park/truxton circle/shaw (like, where the hell do those 5 neighborhoods begin and end where they all come together?)

  • Thanks imgoph. I agree. I’d say Petworth starts at Quincy near the metro and goes as far north as Kennedy. Anything south of Quincy or the Georgia/New Hampshire crossover is called Park View.

    “South Petworth too yuppified.” I love it. What’s a yuppy anyway?

  • Petworth ends at Kennedy St NW. North of Kennedy is Brightwood Park, until you get to Rittenhouse, which is where Brightwood begins.

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