Washington, DC

I peruse the craigslist Petworth housing classifieds from time to time to see what’s going on. I understand it may appear that I have way too much free time on my hands, I’d like to reassure you that…alright I have too much free time but I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to go out so cut me some slack. Sorry. Below you’ll find the progression of someone on Longfellow trying to rent a room.

Feb-26 $800 AU Grad Student looking to share home (16th Street Heights/Brightwood)
Feb-27 $800 Young professional looking for roommate/s (16th Street Heights/Brightwood)
Feb-28 $1000 Young professional looking for a roommate (16th Street Heights/Brightwood) pic
Mar- 1 $1000 Young professional looking for roommate/s (16th Street Heights/Petworth) pic

Actually from the pictures the house looks pretty awesome. Notice she first calls it 16th Heights/Brightwood until Mar-1 when she changes it to 16th Street Heights/Petworth. Oh yeah, if you can’t rent your house in Brightwood try Petworth. But wait a second isn’t 9th and Longfellow in Petworth anyway? Remember when the realtors used to say “located in the hot Petworth neighborhood”? Do they still do that? Why does she raise her asking price from $800 to $1000? So if 9th and Longfellow is 16th Street Heights/Brightwood/Petworth then I live in Petworth/Columbia Heights/U Street. Sweet!


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