“Dear PoPville,

I’m sure you remember hearing the story back in 2018 of the young homeless kid who was being confronted by police with a gun, and then saved by a woman – Anthony Williams.

A go fund me was set up, that raised over $25k.

I contributed and often looked back to find out more about how his life may be going, but never found much. Read More


From the the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty:

“The Law Center is disappointed at the common misconceptions in NoMa BID’s open letter. We understand that people are worried about their ability to safely walk through public spaces and would also like to point out that we should be equally concerned about the safety of solutions for the underrepresented NoMa residents – those living with homelessness.

The request to place “pedestrian safe-passage zones” in NoMa can quickly become a way to exclude vulnerable NoMa residents. It is an act of dividing human beings into groups of people who are considered “illegally encamped” and those who are not, those deemed worthy of safety and those who are not. We are falling into an “us versus them” narrative, which sees the “other” as a threat that must be strategically removed. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

This is an open letter the NoMa BID just released on the homeless encampments under the passway. TLDR it is pretty much a call to action on public to contact DC Gov for help on this issue after attempts by NoMA BID.

In light of the discussion on the Columbia Heights Plaza I’d be curious on PoPulace feedback to NoMa situation. Unlike Columbia Heights, NoMa has a BID that has tried for years to address the issue of the homeless encampment with their resources and funds. As a NoMa office worker I see the NoMa BID street team cleaning the underpass between the scheduled cleanings that DC DPW (?) handles on top of their daily work to keep the NoMA streets and public spaces clean.

If an organization like NoMA BID that has the manpower, resources, funds, and presumably connections with DC Govt can’t grapple this issue what hope do we have for Columbia Heights that doesn’t have help in the form of BID and what will it take to address & at least alleviate/improve this issue in the short term.”

Full letter from the Noma BID: Read More


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