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“Commercial vehicles parked in RPP streets?”

“Dear PoPville,

I have some neighbors who operate a junk hauling business from their house. They regularly park 2 beat-up pickup trucks filled with junk on our street. It’s annoying to look at and they take up lots of space but I’m not sure much can be done about that. Our street is RPP zoned for 2hr parking M-F.

Now however, they have procured a large flatbed tow truck and have been parking it on the street as well.

It has VA plates and they have a giant boat on top of it. It’s taking up 2-3 parking spaces from residents and partially blocking the street. It seems like this type of vehicle should not be allowed to park consistently on a residential street. I’ve looked up 311 parking violation reporting options but can’t find something that seems applicable to report it. Any ideas?

FWIW these same neighbors have had their junk trucks break down and they sit for months, getting tickets, and no one moves them until enough of us complain and harass the city will eventually tow them. They have to bring garbage trucks to unload the truck beds first. I can’t even get my garbage can lid fixed but they get free towing and disposal of their busted vehicles.

I’m just over these guys using the street as their junk business parking lot with little consideration or actual consequence.

PS I respect the junk removing hustle but not at the expense of other neighbors.”

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