Missed Connection – “you said 6’5”

photo by angela n.

Ed. Note: If this is you, please email [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP. For those curious about past missed connections, some have been made and when possible I’ll try to update when/if more are made.

“Dear PoPville,

I was at the E St. NW Starbucks on Sunday, October 3rd and you were the really tall guy right behind me in line.

You were wearing a black shirt with something about baseball on it and the number 45 on the back and pink shorts. I was wearing black sweatpants and a blue shirt. I asked you how tall you were and you said 6’5 to which I replied that you were a foot taller than me. You were really cute and I wanted to shoot my shot but I got nervous. Let me know if you’re single.”

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