Washington, DC

“Dear Popville,

I’m hoping to get a little bit of crowd-sourced help on an issue I’ve been trying to fight for a few months now. I got a notification of unemployment benefits in the mail a while back. My name, my social security number, my “previous” (current) job, my address, etc. I am gainfully employed by DC as a teacher. I have been for many years. I have been fortunate to never need to apply for unemployment benefits. I have called DOES and emailed them repeatedly and gotten literally one human one time, despite many messages and emails. The one time I spoke to a human, she directed me to the “fraud hotline” which was actually just the main phone number for the IRS and not helpful at all.

Does anyone have any idea how to actually handle this?

I might be googling and asking the wrong questions but I am having trouble finding any actual contact information or getting a fraud report set up.

For what it’s worth, I have been vigilantly stalking my credit report and it’s stayed the same and there are no reports of new credit cards or anything else crazy happening.

I appreciate any tips or ideas you guys might have!

Update: I did finally speak to someone helpful at DOES today, but she was more compassionate than helpful honestly. And also, it should be clear that I HAVE told the IRS but it’s just still happening so IDK what else to do to keep money from being deposited to this persons account.”


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