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If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share for the regular fix please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. AdoPtville is run by a volunteer who compiles these pets weekly from local shelters.

Briar is beautiful, affectionate and playful, but let’s just say it upfront, this relationship is going to be on her terms and if you have other ideas she’s probably not the cat for you!

She will run from you, she will hide, and she knows a few bad words she’s not afraid to use; but she also loves belly rubs, chasing the laser and getting her ears scratched. Her body mass is roughly one third tail floof. Briar will demand your attention and affection, often ten minutes after she was offended you offered it to her while she was on the cat tree so she ran away. She will not understand why that is confusing for you. She enjoys cuddling on the couch in the evening, but it will probably take her ten minutes to get comfortable, and she may need to adjust where other pets are sitting too. Sometimes she falls off the couch maneuvering herself into the perfect position for your affections, it’s just part of her process. Briar makes adorable noises when she runs through the home, enjoys playing with toys and climbing cat trees. She is an absolute delight to have in your home but she is all cat through and through.

Briar has gotten along with other cats and will likely do best in a home with a welcoming cat, she’s going to need one to vouch for you after all. She cuddles with them, plays chase and grooms them, but they best be prepared because that giant fluffy tail has no sense of personal space. She’s going to groom you too, mostly your fingers but your toes will probably get the treatment too. Briar will need a very patient adopter but she really is quite an affectionate cat once she’s comfortable. It will likely be a while before she trusts you, but she is a very sweet and social cat at heart. To learn more about Briar, please email [email protected]

If you are looking for a buddy that has a sweetheart temperament and is as handsome and rugged as his name implies- then Rocky is for you!

Rocky is ready for his forever home. He is a goofy puppy and has a playful personality. He is a sweetheart with super awesome butt waggles to great you. He loves his human people.

He is housebroken. Will use his kennel for naps but will rather and happily snuggle with you on any furniture if you want even hammocks- he can even get in himself! He is doing well with his leash walking and is learning not to pull, and loves to explore all the scents.

Quirks: he does that little marching stomp of happy feet when greeting you. He has an adorable little nose boop that he does when he wants your attention or is exploring what’s in your hand. He backs up the truck and sits against your body with his back leg on your foot – one part security blanket and one part I like you and I just need to sit really close to you.

Talents: His tail can play music when it wags against the metal bed frame slats.

He loves his naps and sleeps through the night. He is a great telework partner inside or outside. He will sleep on your feet if you let him.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rocky, please contact his foster mom, April Rosenthal, at [email protected]


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