Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to make everyone aware of a reoccurring situation of a panhandler that gets violent really quickly on the 11th st/295 off ramp just prior to MLK. People have had some minor run ins before but yesterday was a bit more concerning.

He asked for money to which I politely told him I didn’t have anything for him and apologized. My girlfriend was in the car and he started singing to her, which is not a problem at all, until he started saying really gross sexual stuff and I told him that was enough and closed the window. He pulled out a knife and tried to open my car door repeatedly and force me out of the car since I was boxed in. Was able to get away but this guy really meant business and I’ve seen him be aggressive to other people in the past, just not this bad. Just want everyone to be vigilant out there and stay safe!”


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