Washington, DC

Photo by Alex Plance

Alex asks: “Been to 5 gas stations with no gas. Any leads on where to get it?”

Some early replies Saturday morning to a similar query are:

“Also farther afield, but the Marathon at RI/NJ Ave NW appears to be back online this morning.”

“South of petworth, but the Exxon on 14th between parkwood and Otis had gas as of 7am today”

“Download the gasbuddy app.
It says the BP on 14th and Euclid NW has gas”

“11th & Pennsylvania Avenue SE Sunoco – 93 Only as of last night at 1am”

“Last night I gassed up with no problems at Marathon on Florida NE near Union Market”

“Gas in Arlington again”

“Frederick has plenty! As of now!”


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