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Missed Connection – “Tryst Table Mate or Soul Mate?”

Ed. Note: If this is you, please email [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP. PoPville is not affiliated with either party, please proceed with any potential connection at your own risk using caution as you would any online encounter. For those curious about past missed connections, some have been made and when possible I’ll try to update when/if more are made. For our last missed connection, the connection was made!

“Dear PoPville,

On Thursday 04/01 in the morning I opened the door for a tall gentleman going into Tryst in AdMo. I insisted on holding the door until he walked through and he quipped at me with “Wow, chivalry is alive and well!”

All the tables were filled so I sat outside in the early spring chill and he came up to me and offered to share his table in the back since I wasn’t wearing a jacket.

We sat together for an hour or so taking turns watching each other’s things when we got up to order or use the bathroom (because I informed him that as table mates, it was a sacred duty and long honored tradition to do so). When he got up to get more water he said, “Don’t smell my jacket or anything weird like that.” And when he returned I told him, “Your jacket smells really nice by the way, good for you.”

When I got up to leave he asked, “Same place and time tomorrow?” and I replied, “Don’t be late!”

Well, I couldn’t make it over to Tryst today for my Friday morning meeting with mystery table mate. I may run into him around AdMo but I’m moving neighborhoods tomorrow. Please assist. Table mate, if you are out there, thank you for sheltering me from the cold with your warm sense of humor.

Your Table Mate”

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