Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Over the past few months, a woman driving a white Lexus mini-SUV has been harassing dog owners in Navy Yard and the Wharf. Both from her vehicle and on foot she has accused dog owners of underfeeding their dogs and even picked up a small dog while it was still leashed with the owner holding its leash and started walking toward her car with the dog. Most recently, after multiple attempts to get my attention while I tried to ignore her, she yelled from her vehicle “Excuse me, I work with dogs and you are underfeeding your dog”.

When I briefly explained to her that my dog is actually a perfectly healthy size and weight for her breed and tried to go about my business she became irate and started screaming at me that I was abusing my dog. She also screamed at me about my own weight (as if that is in any way related to my dog’s). When we tried to get away from her down the sidewalk she followed us in her car and was recording us walking all while driving and yelling that I am an animal abuser and other obscenities.

It was not until I took out my phone to take photos of her car and threatened to call the police if she kept following me that she sped off down the road. After learning that several other people in the Navy Yard/Wharf area had this experience with the same woman in the same area, I reported the incident to DC 311’s non-emergency police line.

I am sharing this because it was a really disturbing experience and I hope it will encourage others to report her to DC 311 or call 911 if they feel threatened.


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