Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Hoping the hive mind can help me with DC DMV’s most recent attempt to drive me crazy. I received a photo enforcement ticket of a car “registered to me” running a stop sign at Bladensburg and NY Ave on March 21, 2021. The issue is, the car is not mine.

The tags on the vehicle are temporary VA tags and have the same tag number as the temporary tags from the car I purchased in June of last year. My car has not had those temporary tags since November 2020 when it was registered in DC. I actually still have the temporary VA tags in my possession. I submitted my registration card for my vehicle as proof that the temporary tags are no longer are mine, but the DC DMV today mailed me a hearing record, stating that they have photos of “my vehicle” (not my vehicle) and video of the alleged violation and that I’m liable.

I don’t know how else to prove to the DMV that it’s not my car. Apparently my proof of DC registration as evidence is not sufficient?! I will of course be requesting reconsideration and will take it up to the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board but happy to have any additional suggestions.

Important detail: My vehicle is a black Subaru. The ticket says the make of the vehicle is a Subaru and the photo is very clearly of a white Ford. I just…”


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