Washington, DC

Photo by sandlotsoutheast

“Dear PoPville,

Our condo association seems to be the only one in the area interpreting the mayor’s current orders to totally prevent the use of rooftop grills. They’re citing the maor’s requirement that, “Any shared equipment should be cleaned and disinfected between users, in addition to being arranged according to physical distancing requirements.” I reached out to the city and they won’t provide clarification beyond what’s printed in the phase 2 order.

Any chance you’d be willing to do a poll of folks living in condos about amenities that have reopened? Seems like we’re the outlier and everyone else has figured out how to make it work within the guidelines.

(For reference from our condo board president…)

Thanks for your email. I share your frustration over the Mayor’s order regarding rooftop use. Unfortunately, we really don’t have any wiggle room. Not only our attorney, but all of the condos (and their attorneys) in DC managed by our very large management company share the same legal interpretation of the Mayor’s order. Though I am sure some condos choose to take their chances, I don’t think Association members really want their Board to treat as optional any widely accepted legal interpretation that directly affects our liability.


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