Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I have a bit of a complicated situation (related to the DMV) that I could use some help with. I moved to DC in May with my car. Due to the stress of the DMV and lack of available appointments, I have not changed my car’s registration over from my home state of NC yet. In January I was in an accident and my car was declared a total loss by the insurance agency, despite it only being minor damage. Fast forward to now and my car is finally fixed, but from what I understand I can’t legally drive it unless it gets inspected by the DMV. Is this right?

I also saw there’s only one self-serve inspection station in the district. Can this really be the case? I also figured this was a good time to go ahead and change the car’s registration too. I was luckily able to make an appointment in about three weeks from now. However, I was looking through the DC DMV website and am totally unsure about what I need to do and have before I go. Can anybody help me with this/offer some advice?? I realize the situation is complicated but I’m at a total loss (ha ha) of what to do here. Thanks in advance!”


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