Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I’m a DC resident with the car registered in DC with a clean title. I’m selling it on facebook marketplace and already have a bunch of prospective offers. I figured I’d take off the license plates but how do I legally transfer the title and registration to the new owner? Anyone have any insight?”

A related positive note about Car Registration from another reader:

“I wanted to give you a postive update for anyone trying to register a car from a private vehicle sale in DC since I know this has been a point of stress with your readers. There is a new online process and it was easy and shockingly fast.

I filled out the Private Vehicle registration request form on 2/27 I mailed the original title using USPS Priority Mail with tracking so a letter cost $10.25 on 3/2 They emailed me an approval notice March 9, and had me fill out and confirm more information (including insurance information). Our plates and new title and new registration arrived today (3/15) via Fedex. This new system has been amazing and no stress.”

And in other DMV news also note:


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