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From Call Your Mother:

“Happy almost Passover, squad!

Whether you’re celebrating Passover or you just want some bomb tacos in your life, we’ve got what you need. We’re crazy excited to get you hooked up with a “Jew-ish” feast that’s easy to prepare and ferociously delicious! Check the menu out below (nope, that’s not a typo, the veggie tacos really do have crispy chunks of latkes in them), read the FAQ below, and place your order!

the details

March 27th and 28th

Pick up or delivery (within 5 miles) of our PARK VIEW SHOP

Choose a pickup or delivery time between 3-5pm

We will take orders until March 24th (or until we sell out)

All meals serve up to 4 people

Dinner kit comes with heating instructions for perfect tacos and crispy rice

No substitutions

We will also have Passover dessert specials at all CYM shops on 3/27 & 3/28″

Another reader asks:

“Does anyone know if there’s a grocery store in the area that has well-stocked Passover groceries (especially Passover cake meal (see image))? I’d also appreciate recommendations of restaurants that may be doing meals for Passover. Usually, I’m with family for Passover, and this will be the first time I do a seder solo. Appreciate recommendations of where to get needed ingredients and foods!”


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