Washington, DC

Photo by Jennifer Williamson

“Dear PoPville,

My partner and I are looking to get engaged and married in the next few months and could really use some jewelry store recommendations. We’d rather not buy online or from a big chain store, if possible, but are looking to get a good deal and help out a local business. Because of covid, we’ve avoided roaming into store unnecessarily. We’re looking for a traditional diamond engagement ring and gold wedding bands, and possibly someone who creates custom jewelry pieces using gold/gems from pieces we won’t wear but have sentimental meaning. For example, my grandmother left me rings that are way too big for me and not my style but could be repurposed (I think) into something I would wear. I know I could trade in the gold and buy design a new piece with the stones and new gold, but I’d rather not.

Really hoping someone out there can help us. We understand of the engagement/wedding rings are easier to get from a big store but figured it was worth a shot asking this group.”


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