Washington, DC

Photo by Jim Havard

“Dear PoPville,

We are building a front porch on a DC rowhouse that originally had a porch but somewhere through the years it was removed. We got a permit and have been told we need a “wall check”. Contractor told us it has to be performed by a private surveyor and could cost $900-$2300.

I called DCRA to ask about this and the first answer they gave me was, no you can schedule that through us for free. So I called today to schedule and naturally, someone else gave me a different answer and had me send an email inquiring with the surveillance office.

Anyway, the website actually seems somewhat clear that my contractor was right and a private land surveyor performs the inspection, the part I’m struggling with is what seems like an extortionary fee for someone to look at what we’re building and compare it to our plot boundary.

Anyone have advice here?”


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