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From an email:

“In an effort to help out those who are suffering through the Texas cold-weather catastrophe, Chef Massimo Fabbri is announcing that he is donating 100% of the revenue from all meals (Dine-In and Pick-Up) on Thursday, February 25th and Friday, February 26th to the DAWA Fund in Austin, TX.

DAWA was started in 2019 to provide financial assistance to People of Color (specifically: teachers, artists, social workers, healthcare providers, service industry workers) in the Austin TX community that were experiencing short term financial crisis. In the past year, DAWA has distributed nearly $100k via $200 prepaid Visa Cards to those in need.

In less than a week during this Texas cold-weather disaster, DAWA has sent over $20k out to those most vulnerable via CashApp and Venmo. Many have been without electricity and water for days. The need is so great to help others that DAWA has had to reduce payments to $50 each, to be able to help more people in need.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for Texas, and watching the tragedy that has unfolded all across the state due to this winter storm is heartbreaking,” said Massimo Fabbri, Chef and Owner, San Lorenzo Ristorante + Bar. “So when I heard about the good things that DAWA Fund is doing to help out residents in Austin – especially for service industry workers, I decided to give back the best way I know how… by cooking and donating 100% of the proceeds to DAWA. I hope that the DC community will come in for a meal or call for Pick-up on Feb 25th and 26th to show their support and help out some good Texans in need.”


What: San Lorenzo will donate 100% of the revenue from all meals to DAWA Fund.
When: Thursday, February 25th and Friday, February 26th
How: Dine-in at San Lorenzo OR via To-Go Orders that are called into San Lorenzo (202-588-8954) for Pick-Up.
(Note: This offer does not apply to Professional Delivery Service orders.)”


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