Washington, DC

Joe asks: “What are the best fish and chips takeout options in town on Fridays during Lent? Anyone who says Filet-O-Fish is appreciated, but will be ignored.”

Lots of early replies:

“An Englishman once told me that The Queen Vic’s fish and chips were as good or better than any he’s had in Great Britain.”

“Across the Pond DC is awesome!”

“Checkers. Deep sea double.”

“FishScale in Shaw! Slightly pricey, but tasty and fresh. https://wearefishscale.com”

“@queenvicdc has bomb fish and chips”

“Farmers and Distillers has a great fish and chips”

“Not in DC proper, but Limericks Pub in Wheaton, MD had THE BEST fish and chips.”

“In the burbs, but Jimmy’s Old Town in Herndon.”


“check out @FISHINTHEHOOD1 on Georgia Ave!”

“The Dubliner on Mass Ave and The Four Courts in Courthouse”

“I had the BEST fish & chips carry out or otherwise from @elephantcastle on Pennsylvania Ave this week. And it was carry out. Fresh. Hot. Crispy. And it was about 15 minutes from when I picked it up to when I sat down to eat it. Can’t stop thinking about how damn good it was.”

“My fave is @luckybardc in Dupont!”

“sneaky hit: Hopscotch Bar and Grill in Bloomingdale!”

“Limerick Pub if you can make the trek to wheaton”

“I love the invasive species fish and chips at District Fishwife in @UnionMarketDC”

“Buck’s on Connecticut Ave has wonderful fish and chips!”

“Hip hop fish and chicken”

“Pop’s SeaBar in Adams-Morgan.”

“Ivy City Smokehouse.”


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