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Snow Dogs Volume Two!!

“Watson at Marion Park on the Hill”

Thanks to all for sending in so many great shots, stay tuned for Volume Three (and Four). Many, many more photos after the jump.

“Cookie from Petworth. She’s not sure what to think of this thing called snow”

“Flo’s first snow”

“Poppy the Snow Dog Miniature schnauzer. Out for a stroll in Petworth.”

“Snowpup Stevie – 14 wk old mini sheepadoodle. Petworth.”

“Snow on her first day home is a lot for Rooney to take in (from Petworth). She is 10 weeks old.”


“Phineas of Cleveland Park in Rock Creek Park.”

“Kepler, from up in Petworth! This is Kepler’s first actual snow (we’re not counting the minimal snow a couple weeks ago)! He’s definitely a fan – spent the morning eating as much snow as possible.”

“Rufio is the black dog and Woodley is the golden one! Playing in Malcolm X Park!”

“Shiloh. Don’t let the face fool you! He loved the snow, he’s just mad I wouldn’t let him run free.”

“Bane! We are in Kalorama.”


“Maddox at Congressional Cemetery!”

“Snow Dog Toby!”

“Riley in Cathedral Heights LOVES the snow – she was barking at the patio door to go out and play”

“Pugsley and younger brother Jaxon enjoy their first snow together!”

“Balto the fur prince of petworth”

“Reagan in Columbia Heights”

“Ranger in Foxhall Village”

“Pippin with a big snow “mlem” in Takoma DC”

“Ghost (in car) and Creasy Bear in LeDroit Park.”

“This is Davis of Van Ness/Forest Hills”

“Fido say “woof”

“Dog Jonesy in Van Ness”

“This is Cutler in Clarendon-over the snow!”

“Otis & Becket! Becket’s first snow”

“Snow puppy”

“snow dogs”

“Feeling betrayed that the gates of Raymond Rec are closed.

Concerned about how much damn salt the city uses.

And caped up to dry off.”


“Rascal and Rosie in Lincoln Park this morning.”

“Stevie the bernedoodle in Petworth”

“Neko’s snowy morning, Palisades”

“Mabel Mae outside of the JCC in Logan Circle! She looooves the snow!”

“Mabel Mae outside of the JCC in Logan Circle! She looooves the snow!”


From petworth!!”

“Keiko of MTP enjoying snow in Frostburg, MD”

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