Washington, DC

“Sophie’s first snow on Capitol Hill!”

Many many more:

“Digit in Takoma, not sure how he feels about the cold paw situation.”

“Ollie in Shaw enjoying lots of snow with other pups! @ollie_the_aussies”

“Chaika is so happy that it is finally snowball season!”

“Snow Dog ft. Ole in Manor Park!”

“Theo is thrilled in Adams Morgan!”

“Pup in snow with duck boots”

“Siaki in Bloomingdale”

“Honey in Logan Circle”

“Amabear the snow beast is having the best day at Meridian Hill park!”

“Apollo’s first snow. He loved it. Then hated it. Haha”

“Chai, poodle Columbia heights! Her handle is Chai_bacca (like Chewbacca)”

“Indy from Petworth”

“Bubba Scraps”

“Old dog in the snow”

“Miles enjoying the snow in NoMa!”

“Snow dog!”

“Hank in Eckington, feelin his puffer and booties”

“Maple in the H Street Corridor, playing w snowballs.”

“Maxine exploring Congressional Cemetery. Capitol Hill”

“Marcus Paige in Columbia Heights.”

“Best buds Cricket and Honey enjoying the snow in Mt. Vernon Triangle!”

“Pebbles from Adam’s Morgan covered in snow balls!”

“Creed in Hill east”

“Tonks in Columbia Heights, who enjoyed digging through snow today!”

“10th St Park in Mt. Vernon/Shaw”

“Bailey enjoying the snow on the Soapstone! (IG: @wigglebutt_bailey)”

“Sammy from Kalorama during his first snow as a quaran-pup”

“Bauer in Logan Circle. 5 month old pup’s first snow!”

“Snow dog on Capitol Hill! His name is Boaz.”


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