Neighbors Hoping to “MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE” on Inauguration Day

Photo by Vincent

“Dear PoPville,

I need your help in organizing something to greet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and say good-bye and good riddance to You Know Who and his band of fascists.

For the first time in almost a year because of COVID-19 and in four years because of Trump, I feel like I climbing out of a deep, dark hole. I feel like I have been silenced, even though I have been shouting, stilled even though I have been acting.

No more.

We may not be able to go into the streets, but we can make ourselves heard.

We can go to our windows, out on our porches and patios and balconies, onto our rooftops, into our yards and gardens and make a joyful noise as soon as Biden-Harris are in, and they are out!

This is not just my idea, I have seen references on many different sites where people wanting to express themselves on Inauguration Day. Several of these posts suggest that people clang together pots and pans or sing to the tops or their longs or play music live or recorded. I think this is a great idea! People want to be heard again and given a safe and effective outlet.

So let’s all do it! Get out there and do it! I also like the sound of drums and trumpets!

And if houses of worship feel inspired to join us and ring out their bells, sound the shofar, or make any other sound as symbolic support, that too would be much appreciated. This is an all-inclusive effort!

I don’t care how people do it, just that they do it! Then everyone can post videos with sound and photos of this “demonstration” on every social media platform they can think of and send it to media international and domestic the know.

Let’s do it this so we can demonstrate that

Our voices have not been silenced.

Our will and our spirits have not been broken.

Our resolve has not been diminished.

Our hope is once again alive and growing!

We may be masked, but we are not muzzled.

We may be socially distanced, but we are together and united.

Let the world hear this!”


“As a result of the deadly assault on Congress on January 6, our nation’s capital is currently a fortress, with both it and our country held captive by a deadly pandemic and searing social and political divisions.

Fortunately, in accordance with our Constitution, a new president will be sworn in on January 20, 2021, offering our nation an opportunity for healing and renewal. Yet the crowds that would normally stream onto the mall to witness and celebrate this important moment will be held at bay, prevented for security and health reasons from partaking in one of the most enduring and prominent rites in our democracy.

What I envision is at the moment Joe Biden completes the oath of office that we the people of DC collectively raise our voices to usher in the occasion with the celebratory spirit it deserves. Bells, musical instruments, even pots and pans can create a beautiful cacophony of sound strong enough to waft across our nation’s capital and, indeed, our entire nation.

Four full minutes of joyous music should ring in the new presidency, wiping away the old and signaling a new direction for our nation.

How can you help?

— First, spread the word! January 20 is only days away. Please share this idea with friends, family, neighbors, your church or synagogue and community groups. Post on social media, through neighborhood message boards. Ask local media to share the idea.

— Secondly, do your part! Be ready to make some (good) noise! Find a bell, dust off an old musical instrument, gather your family, and be ready to sound off the moment the oath concludes.

Let’s do this!

Working together in a spirit of community, we can give our county a beautiful gift to mark the Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021.”

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