“Recommendations for clothing repair?, Electricians? and Linen donation?”

Photo by Miki Jourdan

“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if readers might have places they’d recommend for clothing repair? In particular I’m looking for some place where I can have socks darned. I’m trying to waste less and figure this is one way to do it while also hopefully supporting a local business.”


“I bought a home for the first time in November.

The inspection found a few, very minor things that needed to be fixed. There were two bigger issues that my homeowners insurance required me to fix as a condition of selling me the policy. The first I was able to do on my own. The second has to do with the fuse box, and while also super simple that I could do on my own, the insurance company is requiring that a certified electrician do the work.

So, any recommendations for an electricians that will do the job correctly and charge a price that is commensurate with both their training and the simplicity of the job?”


“I am a manager at a hotel and we have a ton of perfectly usable linen that we can’t use do to minor stains. But it’s quality linen and I hate to just throw it in the garbage. I have reached out to a number of shelters or organizations and have not had any luck. Does anyone know where I could donate about 500 queen and 500 king beds worth of sheets?”

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