Washington, DC

Was cleaning out the inbox and totally missed this one. And let me take this opportunity to that everyone who sent in squirrels, hawks, turkeys, turtles, foxes, eagles, owls, vultures, herons, fish, snakes, rabbits and more. If there’s one thing I can say positively about 2020 it’s that we had an awesome awesome year of wildlife photos. Thanks again for taking the time to send them in. Looking forward to seeing what you all find in 2021.

Thanks to Dave for sending the above back in September from 23rd and Massachusetts Ave NW (Sheridan Circle.)

Friends of the White Whale Society is brought to you by the team behind Last Christmas Tree in Town.

Thanks to Daniel for sending the great shot above from Silver Spring.

Thanks to Michele Banks for sending from Franklin Square.

Thanks to Steve Wiedemann for sending from Falls Church.

If you spot a hawk or any interesting wildlife around town, lunching or otherwise, and get a good photo please send in an email where you spotted it to [email protected] and I’ll add it to the queue. Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.

And thanks to Rachel for sending the above from 14th Street and Shepherd St, NW.

Wishing everyone a very safe and happy new year!!


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