Washington, DC

923 15th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

A shout out to Dua Coffee on McPherson Square! This place has been giving me good vibes throughout this stupid pandemic. The staff is incredibly nice, the coffee is excellent, and it just feels like a nice escape from The Year That Shall Live in Infamy.

I’m sure they’d appreciate any extra business. (P.S. they sell bags of whole beans!)”

From Dua’s website:

“We are the first Indonesian specialty coffee shop in the nation’s capital, Washington DC.

Our coffee based drinks uses single-origin beans from the different islands of Indonesia. Dua Coffee’s beans not only has a unique story behind it but originates from a farm that practices ecologically sustainable coffee production. Those quality beans are then made into various signature beverages from recipes created by our very own baristas. Dua Coffee encourages creativity and productivity within a team that humbly calls themselves the Dua Family.”

Check out their menu here.


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