Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

Any reports of what it’s like to fly American Eagle from #DCA right now, is it still #35X and a crowded bus?”

WMATAstuff replied: “Nope 35X is gone once and for all. They’ve been moved into the main terminal while they finish the new gate 35X terminal.”

UPDATE: Official word from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority:

American Airlines continues to operate several flights a day using Gate 35X. Once the new concourse, which is currently under construction, opens next year, then flights will stop operating from Gate 35X.”

From DCA:

With the demolition and removal of office buildings and aircraft hangars that once occupied the north end of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, the palette is clearing for the construction of a New Commuter Concourse that will replace passenger movement through the infamously congested Gate 35X. Presently, six thousand passengers a day journey through 35X, boarding buses that drive them to remotely parked aircraft. When the new concourse opens in 2021, 14 gates with jetbridges will replace the busing system, and the less-than-pleasing traits of Gate 35X will be retired.”


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Though I feel a bit like NonProfitStef: “Wow. I literally have not thought of gate 35X since March. Feels like a different lifetime, a tale from days of yore, instead of a regular part of my Before Times life.”


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