Washington, DC

1108 K Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on the GoFundMe for Sakina Halal Grill:

Kazi Manan introduced a new model of empathy and kindness in America when he opened his restaurant to every person who needs a refuge from their daily hunger. He has never differentiated between a paying or non-paying customer as he is constantly aware of his journey to success – and the difficulties along the way. Sakina Halal Grill has proudly served meals to the homeless independently and unsupported by any donations from patrons. He has always refused the offers as Sakina Halal Grill has been able to sustain this mission with its own funds and the prayers of the community.

Due to the pandemic, however, we are underwater and looking to survive this season so the doors do not close on Sakina Halal Grill. We urge you to read the stories below to learn more. Every cent is equally important in keeping this dream, and important community resource, alive so please do what you can. We appreciate your support and prayers.”


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