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“Birth Control Way”, New Mural by Rose Jaffe on U Street courtesy of National Women’s Law Center

909 U Street, NW

Thanks to Gillian for the heads up:

“Complete with three-foot-tall IUDs, a mural tribute to birth control at the corner of U and 9th NW courtesy of National Women’s Law Center”

From the National Women’s Law Center:

“Birth Control Way is an incredible new mural by DC-based visual artist Rose Jaffe, commissioned by the National Women’s Law Center and located in the heart of Washington D.C.’s U Street Corridor – which was once the heart of Black culture in this country and a vibrant part of D.C.’s artist and entertainment community.

Birth Control = Freedom

At the National Women’s Law Center, we know that birth control access is directly tied to a person’s ability to control their bodies and their lives.  Birth control is often oversimplified and stereotyped. This piece breaks down those misconceptions and highlights the range of communities impacted by access to contraception, and the hope and freedom that comes with it – especially in light of our country’s troubled history with reproductive coercion.

For generations, reproductive coercion has been used as a cruel method to systematically target and hold back enslaved Africans and their descendants, Latinx communities, people living with disabilities, and low-income communities. 

Our right to control our own bodies continues to be under attack today, and we are fighting back. Join us by visiting Birth Control Way, posting your images on social media, and sharing how birth control has been core to your community, your health care, your wellbeing, and your future using the hashtag #ILoveMyBC.

Birth Control Way is located at 909 U Street NW in Washington D.C.” 

A few more closeups I took:

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